Become a PFLAG member

You can join PFLAG, attend meetings, volunteer your time, make a donation, or any combination of the above.

Through PFLAG meetings you can get support and learn more about topics of interest to the LGBTQ community, family, and allies.

Through PFLAG activities and membership, you can learn about advocacy opportunities that help you become a more visible, effective advocate.

Our work is not complete. Please help us achieve our vision to create a world where difference is celebrated, and all people are valued inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Our mission of support, education, and advocacy guides our work on this important goal.

Even if you’re not sure that you need PFLAG, remember that PFLAG NEEDS YOU!

Become an ally

PFLAG has an important program called Straight for Equality ( Through this program you can learn more about being an ally:

  • in healthcare
  • in your faith community
  • at work
  • in your everyday life

Coming out as an ally is a process, and over time you may be comfortable doing more. But tiny everyday changes and conversations that can raise awareness and challenge assumptions and stereotypes about LGBTQ people are critically important. You don’t have to know everything about statistics, national legislation, or state-wide ballot initiatives to stand up for equality and fairness. We just ask that you be willing to learn more and speak up when you have the chance.

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, published simple steps to help you become a better ally:

  1. Be there to talk, and give hugs if possible.
  2. Be vocal about your support in communities of straight people.
  3. Amplify the voices of LGBT (especially Latinx) people.
  4. Get involved in LGBT activism.
  5. Confront homophobic and transphobic people in your life.

Source article June 14, 2016

Donate to PFLAG

Your donation to PFLAG helps PFLAG Fort Collins/Northern Colorado extend a helping hand to LGBTQ persons and families who have LGBTQ members, provide educational materials for families and the public, and offer a family voice that stands for equality and justice for all human beings. Simply click on the Donate button and fill in the necessary information.

You can also donate to PFLAG whenever you make purchases at Amazon. Support us every time you shop on Amazon by simply logging into and claiming PFLAG Fort Collins-Northern Col as your charity of choice.